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The world has been going through a difficult time since last year.
In the first wave of covid-19’s pandemic we at Annamrita foundation Pune were feeding 90,000 people everyday .
From 22nd march 2020-till 25th March 2021 we have together fed 47L people in and around the Pune city .
We saw to it that wherever there was a need , we were here to feed.
Our team members reached out at 90 different areas in Pune where there were citizens with zero facilities and saw to it that no one in the city slept with an empty stomach.
Everything else can wait but hunger can’t.
Keeping the same vision and mission this year too, we are serving free meals at covid care centres, to underprivileged people, at hospitals, at orphanage and to anyone who is in ardent need of food .
They say service to humanity is service to God.
At Annamrita foundation Pune we are truly following it .
We are serving hot, wholesome, nutritious meal at the cost of 60rs per plate.
Join hands with Annamrita and feed an empty stomach today.

Join hands with Annamrita

We are serving hot, wholesome, nutritious meal at the cost of

Covid food distribution.

Meal distribution to NCC front line volunteers.

Serving meals at orphanage.

Meals served to underprivileged people.

Food packets given at Red light Area Pune.