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About Us

Annamrita is a not-for-profit NGO dedicated to the betterment of underprivileged children in India. Founded in 2011, our purpose is to provide mid-day meals to  government aided schools across India. Mid-day meal program is a government of India initiative incorporated to bring underprivileged children back to school. Poverty is one of the prime reasons why many children are unable to go to school. Many a times children act as an earning member in the family and hence they miss their schooling and therefore basic education. One would agree that education provides a long-term solution to poverty ridden families and thus basic education becomes one of the basic rights of children. 

We, at Annamrita, provide mid-day meals to children to ensure that hunger does not come in way to this basic right of children – education. This initiative is a public-private initiative and therefore the support of the community becomes vital and essential. Join hands with us if you feel strongly about our cause, whether it might be volunteering or a helping hand to a fund-raising activity for feeding India’s future.




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Food and Our work

No child in India misses school due to unavailability of food. We, at Annamrita, with a vision to feed at least 50000 children in Pune, with the purpose to bring and retain these children in school, have embarked on this journey towards an educated and hunger-free future of India. An educated citizen will always be a good citizen and hence by ensuring education as a basic right to all Annamrita is trying to build India’s future. We intend to feed 50000 children in Pune and thereby ensuring 50000 educated citizens of the future. Our work revolves around this vision of feeding India’s future by ensuring that no child in the country misses school due to unavailability of food.

Food and Education

A well-fed stomach is a fertile area for a well-developed child. Food, one of the very basic needs of human beings, is a luxury for some, but for many, it becomes the prime motive for survival. In India, many children in an endeavour to support their family, join their parents in an attempt to earn their livelihood. In this fight for survival, children often do not go to school as food becomes a necessity and education, a luxury. Annamrita wishes to make this very basic right of children, the right to education, a reality for many children in Pune.